Long days drive today, Foz do Iguacu to Bonito, 785 km, a 14 hour journey! We left at 6 this morning flying along in our sardine can, 30°C and wind still. Everybody is zapped traveling along like this. Cornflakes for breakfast and that’s all, wondering what lunch will bring. Four slices of bread, frozen butter, two pieces of cheese, tomato and cucumber… the same every day! Whatever happened to Rogen, former Odyssey employer, a fantastic chef that we had on my first Odyssey trip.

Update on our truck! They have now identified the problem; a pressure head within the injector pump fractured and small pieces ended up working their way through the whole pump causing it to seize up. A Bosch specialist is now undertaking a complete overhaul of the pump which they expect to complete on Monday/Tuesday this coming week.