We now have started heading inland across the mountains to Huaraz, the scenery as usual is spectacular. Huaraz is the main staging point for those wishing to visit the glaciers and mountains of the Cordillera Blanca. Huascarán is considered the highest mountain in tropics and is located in Huascarán National Park that is a nature world heritage site.

While at Huaraz some of us decide to make the trek to Laguna 69 a turquoise lake that is surrounded by snowy mountain peaks, 4,600 metres above sea level. It is a steep and demanding ascent beginning at 3,800 metres, but the real challenge is the high altitude. I made it too 4,200 metres before I had to give up, I was really disappointed, not bad for only half a heart but I was really shattered by the time I descended to basecamp.

Next day we continued our journey southwards along the mountains before heading back to the coast.