Huanchaco is a popular vacation spot famous for its surf breaks and ceviche. Home of the Totora reed Caballito riders, maybe the world’s first surfers, fishermen have been riding the waves back to shore at this spot for the last 2000 years. In 2012 Huanchaco was approved as a World Surfing Reserve by the organisation Save The Waves Coalition.
This historic town is part of the tourist circuit called the Moche Route or Ruta Moche. Today it is still a beautiful beach that, despite its modernity, still retains its old charm.

Odyssey recommend we visit the nearby ruins of Chan Chan a UNESCO approved site (totally boring) after which we visited Huaca de la Luna, a religious pyramid (this was far better).

On another note, ran into a Oasis crew transitioning to there next staging point. I asked the guide if they had had a truck in Venezuela? Yep!! She replied they had a truck in there, with clients, that was now on its way into to Colombia.
I guess the motto of this story is if you wish to visit Venezuela, then one has sign up with Oasis not Odyssey!!
Unfortunately one of the negative things with Oasis’s trucks is that half the seats are placed facing inwards so one has to look at the person opposite you instead of taking in the scenery!