Arrived in El Calafate this afternoon. We will be here two days waiting for a bus to carry us northwards to Perito Moreno… so tonight is pumpkin night!
Last time we where here, four of us visited a restaurant called Pura Vida and probably had one of the best meals so far during our stay in South America. The restaurant specialise in dishes cooked in earth ware pots and one of them is Carbonada en Calabaza, a meat stew with vegetables served in a pumpkin, costs approx. NOK 140,- ($18) throw in a good wine plus a few of my fellow travellers and one has the makings of a entertaining evening.

It has now been decided that we will not be returning to Chile. We are now several days behind schedule so something has to go. We will continue our journey with an overnight bus, 12-14 hours to Perito Moreno. Fortunately a brand new hotel is opening there otherwise we would have had to continue our journey without a break. Leaving Perito Moreno we have another 12 hour bus journey to Bariloche where hopefully the new truck should be waiting to meet us.