Halfway across the Taklamakan Desert heading for Turpan. Long drive days 10 – 12 hours with temperatures nearly up in the forties centigrade. 🙂
Turpan is China’s Death Valley. At 154m below sea level, it’s the second-lowest depression in the world and the hottest spot in China.
Despite the heat, the ground water and fertile soil of the Turpan depression has made this a veritable oasis in the desert, evidenced by the nearby centuries-old remains of ancient cities, imperial garrisons and Buddhist caves.
Taking a two day break in Turpan we visited a street kitchen for dinner. Just pick what you like to eat, pay for it and they cook it while you wait. One of the healthiest ways to eat as you see what you are actually getting! Trying to get to grips with chopsticks 🙂