Sea Eagle Safari, 25 passengers, NOK 930,- ($117), 2 hours duration, 7 days a week, good business… but they really do deliver as you can see from the picts.
The White-tailed Sea Eagle is the fourth largest eagle in the world! The largest population in Europe is found along the coast of Norway. White-tailed Eagles mature sexually around 4 years of age. Courtship involves aerial displays culminating in the male and female locking talons and spinning toward the earth together, breaking off only at the last moment. The Eagles bond for life. They’ll build a nest with sticks in trees or on cliffs. Being territorial, the Eagles will often return to the same nests year after year, and once one pair dies out another pair may take up residence in the empty nest.
The female will lay 1 to 3 eggs per year in March or April. The incubation, performed by both adults, takes about 40 days. The female takes up the majority of the protection of the chick while the male goes off to hunt and bring back food. Once hatched, the chicks can feed themselves starting around 5 weeks old, and they fledge at about 11 weeks of age.