After a week in Salvador it was time to head westward to Lençóis, a small mountain hamlet and a former diamond mining town in the Chapada Diamante mountains.
As we where here for two nights, camping, it was recommend we take the all day excursion BRL 145 (NOK 388,-) that visits a cave system, mountain walk and waterfalls. Apart from the caves it was a uninteresting day for me, in Norway we are surrounded by mountains and waterfalls.

What is well worth a visit is the village of Lençóis. Its brightly painted houses, shops and restaurants combined with narrow streets gives the place a charm of it’s own. In the evening the town comes to life as cafés set out there tables and chairs in the small streets. We picked a cafe in the town square. At the adjacent table sat a family, they appeared to be celebrating their daughters birthday. She was absolutely enchanting young lady.