The Galápagos Islands are one of the most spectacular and famous wildlife havens in the world… that’s what the blurb says… it’s also expensive!
Our Odyssey group divided into two, half choosing the budget boat and half the mid-range one. I’m on the mid-range, which in my eyes (doesn’t matter what you call it) it’s still budget, a little bit larger and a lot more expensive $1,700 (NOK 14.000) for 4 nights. It’s a boat that looks tatty!
The crew go through the motions of looking after you but don’t seem really interested. Everyone is friendly, the food is OK. One helps oneself at the bar, a bottle beer costs $4 (NOK 32) and a bottle of wine $30 (NOK 240). That’s roughly a 100% markup compared to the shops. Nobody’s drinking, better to save!
The first two days where great, it’s seldom that one has the chance to be so close to wildlife. This allowed myself and the group to take some great photos. Unfortunately the last couple of days have been boring, not one pict.
On the cruise a lot of time is spent snorkelling, unfortunately being a poor swimmer this is not one of my pastimes. It is a pity that such a expensive tour does not offer a choice of more activities.
The animal that is perhaps most associated with the Galápagos is the giant turtle but in our itinerary we are not given the chance to meet these reptiles!
Have definitely mixed feelings about booking this cruise  🙁