Brasilia the sterile capital of Brazil built in the 1950s to redistribute the population. The city’s design is unique and is the only 20 century city to have World Heritage Status. Although the concept of the city is fascinating I would definitely not wish to live here. Great place if you’re into religion and cathedrals!

The good news about visiting Brasilia was Ithaca, our original Odyssey truck, now finally repaired, was waiting for our arrival. One of the owners of Odyssey, Pete, had driven it from Punta Arenas where it had lain while being repaired. Pete also explained, to our satisfaction, why the repairs had taken so long. It also gave the opportunity for some of the group to voice their dissatisfaction with the standard of food. Although their were only 7 of us in this group only two of us were vocal. I felt the dinner was just vegetables stewed with some meat added, completely tasteless (veggie stew, something Odyssey website is adamant that they don’t serve). Also I asked why in 74 days had we only eaten a egg three times and tuna twice!

The other big news is that we will not be traveling to Venezuela! This is the second consecutive year that Odyssey have pulled out of Venezuela! Perhaps their website should carry a warning!