Arrived in Istanbul without any dramatics. Turkish Airlines are one of the few that provide decent meals. At Atatürk airport in Istanbul it was chaos! Over a 1,000 people waiting to pass through passport control, 30 checking desks, 50 minutes waiting and the line was still as long when I left. I’m told it’s always like this.

Today I met our two guides Helen and Rogan along with some of the other people on our trip. We all had to apply for our Uzbekistan visa. The big news is that there are only twelve of us on this tour which makes for plenty of room on the truck 🙂

Friday’s prayers! This the first time I’ve been in a muslim country and seen this live.
Jo Nesbø writes, “I have problems with a religion that says faith in itself is enough for a ticket to heaven. In other words, that the ideal is your ability to manipulate your own common sense to accept something your intellect rejects”.