Yesterday mourning I was up at 05:00 to go and watch the balloons take off. One walks along a gorge and down in the valley are the balloons preparing for takeoff. During the night I had had a few stomach cramps! As the balloons started to rise I had to make a toilet call! Can you imagine my horror as I squatted and the top of a balloon appeared over the edge of the gorge. I just made it time before a basket of tourists appeared ūüėČ

Today is our hot-air balloon time. Takeoff at 5:30, one and a half hours duration. Only one word to describe it, fantastic! Just to see over 60/70 balloons takeoff and be able to ride with them is breathtaking. You’re just floating there and then you rise to over 800 meters! Not expensive either NOK 980,- ($166), everybody thought it was well worth the money.